The Big Egg Hunt

The Big Egg Hunt is a record breaking, egg hunting, fundraising spectacular - a public art event with a BIG difference.
Hatched by two charities, Elephant Family and Action for Children, The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt took London by storm in the spring of 2012. Hundreds of giant eggs, designed by renowned artists, architects, jewellers and designers, were hidden and hunted across the city for six weeks. Raising over £1million for the two eggs-ellent causes, The Big Egg Hunt had landed.
The Big Egg Hunt is now cracking cities across the globe! Spring 2013 sees The Lindt Big Egg Hunt take over Covent Garden and cities across the UK, whilst over the water, The Big Egg Hunt Dublin is enchanting avid hunters.
There are many egg-citing plans being laid for Big Egg Hunts in Europe and further afield in 2014!
If you love eggs, want them in your city, or fancy yourself as an egg artist or sponsor then get in touch.
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