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How are Intellectual Property Rights Obtained?

Patents are obtained, in the United States, by filing and “prosecuting” patent applications in the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Also inventors can obtain patent rights in foreign countries by filing patent applications in those countries.

Trademarks and Service Marks

Trademark and service mark rights are obtained by being the first to use the mark in connection with the sale of a particular class of goods or services. “Common law” rights are obtained by being the first to use a mark but the rights obtained may be geographically restricted. Federal trademark or service mark rights, which are national in scope, are obtained by filing an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The application must indicate that the applicant has used the mark in interstate commerce or intends to use the mark in interstate commerce. You can always hire professionals, such as patent services InventHelp agency to help you.


Copyrights are obtained through publication of original works of authorship. Copyrights may be registered by filing an application with the Register of Copyrights in Washington, D.C.

Trade Secrets

Trade secret rights are secured by putting in place procedures that are designed to prevent trade secret information from being improperly disclosed to others or improperly obtained by others. These procedures include steps such as requiring employees to sign confidentiality agreements; requiring prospective business partners to sign confidential disclosure agreements; restricting disclosure of trade secret information to employees on a “need to know” basis; marking documents that contain trade secret information with “Confidential” stamps and providing physical security at your place of business (e.g., requiring visitors to sign in and out and keeping confidential documents stored in secure filing areas).

How can I protect my inventions and ideas in foreign countries?

Most of the industrialized countries of the world have signed international treaties for the protection of intellectual property. Lawyer can help you secure patent rights in foreign countries by filing foreign patent applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. While the scope of available patent protection may vary somewhat from country to country, patent service InventHelp agency can advise you on patent strategies to maximize protection of your inventions outside the U.S. can also refer you to foreign experts in the fields of trademark, copyright and trade secret protection.

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A Patent Attorney Gets the Job Done

If you have invented something or developed a new product, then you are in need of the services of a patent attorney. Applying for a patent may be a long and difficult process, but with the help of your patent attorney, you will be able to solve patent issues and gain knowledge at the same time.

After completing a four-year bachelor’s degree, the aspiring patent lawyers must now finish three years of law school. They should take undergraduate courses like English, History, Philosophy or Economics. The lawyers should complete courses related to patent law as well as technical courses like engineering and science. They should pass their LSAT or the Law School Admission Test to be able to be accepted to an American Bar Association-accredited law school. They must also be admitted to the patent bar by passing the United States Patent and Trademark Office registration examination.

Patent attorney should have the knowledge with regards to patent laws. They should be able to utilize their knowledge and skills when dealing with patent issues. They can have consultations with potential clients pertaining to the patent application process as you can read from this article – How to patent an idea with InventHelp.

A patent attorney assists clients to get patents for products and services and defends his clients’ patent rights. He sorts out, outlines and records applications for patents and offers advice. He takes lawful action and gives legal opinions. He protects the clients against  patent issues.

A patent attorney can work with law firms, business firms and government organizations. He should be very organized and should have sharp eyes for important details. Diligence and patience are essential traits that a patent attorney should possess. He should be able to allot time for research and should have the ability to communicate technical information verbally as InventHelp explains in How to file a patent with InventHelp article.

A patent attorney should be very detail oriented when it comes to their work. Even the smallest element should not escape the eye of the attorney. Through diligence and hard work, a patent attorney gets the job done.

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Search Engine Optimization

Whether or not you are a small start-up business looking to develop an online brand and marketing technique, or an established small business seeking to break into internet marketing small business Search engine optimization services can be custom tailored to suit your needs.

Professional SEO agencies offer a full range of search engine optimization services and many choices to fit every need. Their services are detailed. You can choose various levels of service depending on your requirements and budget as you can see from this article – How Small Businesses Should Plan Their Digital Marketing Investments.

  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis and Strategy Development
  • Content Audit
  • Content Optimization
  • SEO Implementation
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Web Analytics

SEO Audit

The first step of any SEO project is to find out what you’ve got and what you need. SEO experts will analyze your web site to determine its current level of optimization and make recommendations for improving its visibility according to your budget and requirements.

On-page factors

Part of the strategy for achieving high rankings involves “on-page” factors. These factors include title text, headings, page structure, site structure, internal linking strategies and others, but the biggest on-page factor for current search engine algorithms is body text. Quality content is king.

Off-page factors

“Off-page” factors refer primarily to links coming in to your site from external sites, commonly known as “link popularity”. Your outgoing links to other sites are a lesser concern. Link popularity is one of the key factors used by the top search engines to rank web sites. Pro-active improvement of link popularity is therefore a common strategy for achieving higher rankings.

Link popularity enhancement is currently an area subject to much potential abuse. Using unethical techniques can lead to delisting by the search engines. Using artificial means such as reciprocal links will not get you delisted, but if your primary link popularity consists of two-way (reciprocal) links, it will count for very little. For this reason it is no longer recommended spending time or money on reciprocal link campaigns. What you want is one-way incoming links from high-quality industry-specific sites. The most effective strategies for obtaining such links vary depending on the industry and the sites. Your best opportunities will come from personal relationships you currently have with industry leaders.


Realty Services For Home Selling

When selling a home in Macon – Georgia, unless you plan to sell it on your own, you would need to find a good realtor, someone who will provide guidance and help you in making educated decisions.

Unfortunately, many people make a serious mistake in believing that the buyer’s real estate agent is also working for the seller. It is imperative that you use your own realtor and/or attorney. This way, you know your realtor has your back, covering things to save you money, time, and frustration.

Now, because realtor is a salesperson looking to make a nice commission, it is also important that you not get yourself in a desperate decision. In other words, do not work with the first real estate agent you meet. Instead, you want to talk to a number of professionals, asking many questions so you can choose wisely. Even if you end up paying the same commission from one realtor to another, you still want the individual who is going to take care of business in a professional and legal manner.

Don’t overlook the home buying companies. There are some really professional home buying companies in Macon that could sell your house pretty fast and for a good price as well and the best part is that you don’t need to do anything involving the sale, the preparation or even the closing costs. The best way to find such companies is to go online and search on Internet. Type something like this “sell my house fast Macon Georgia” and start comparing the websites you see.

A real estate agent for the seller will be to do proper advertising and marketing to let the public know your home is for sale. Additionally, this person would handle the closing and escrow, host an open house, help you determine the best asking price and strategy, and so on. If you are not sure where to start looking for a realtor, ask friends and family members who have recently sold a home the name of the person they used. If not, you can contact your Chamber of Commerce, along with the local newspaper and even online resources. Just make sure the real estate agent is licensed and bonded.

Just as with any profession, you will find both good and bad realtors. The individual you use should be responsible in following up with hot leads on the sale of your home, dedicated to being there when such leads come in. This person should also spend time scouring through MLS listings to make sure you are asking the best price. Then, this person should be available to you, willing and ready to answer questions or calm any fears. Then, a good realtor would follow up with individuals who have come to look at the house to get feedback. This feedback can be used to determine if the price is too high, the home needs improvement, or something else needs to be corrected to make a sell.

Just remember, a qualified realtor is committed to their job and getting homes sold. They are competent in handling potential buyers, knowledgeable about paperwork, and honest with the seller. The real estate agent should take initiative in bringing more traffic to your home, thus improving the potential for sale. You can also find a great realtor by paying attention to other homes in your area that have sold. For instance, if you know of one or two particular agents that have quick turn-around, then call them to talk.

Finally, it is important you work with a real estate agent in whom you feel confident, someone that blends with your personality. After all, you are going to have a close working relationship with this individual so you need to get along and have great communication. Another mistake often seen is sellers choosing a realtor they do not communicate well with, which can lead to major problems and costly oversights. Therefore, the two of you need to sit down one-on-one to go over every aspect of the sell so there are no misunderstandings. The result will be a quick and profitable sale for both you and the realtor.


Can I Hug My Pillow to Sleep?

Here’s how it proves the old adage that “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”. Ever faced the situation where you hear your child asking for a toy to hold to sleep and you were scared of handing over the teddy bear on the shelf for fear of dust mites?

Well, here’s how Elizabeth Gradie-Chinn and Deborah Rivera-Wienhold turned sleep into an opportunity never to be missed. They invented the curved juvenile body pillow with a decorative cover whose combination transforms the pillow into a huggable two or three-dimensional animal as you can read from

Now here are inventors who have chosen the method of licensing their product since they were sure that they couldn’t market it themselves.
But the decision didn’t come suddenly, it was after two years of testing and research that the duo decided that the market was ready for their product.

The steps that Elizabeth and Deborah followed that contributed to their success including being awarded a patent, introducing their product, and licensing their patent were:

1. Seeking and using professional expertise, such as industry/business, legal, accounting, financial, and promotion.

2. Taking advantage of counseling services provided by their local county and state government’s small business resource center. Elizabeth and Deborah were matched with a counselor considered an expert in the Invention Process including Intellectual Property Development and Commercialization.

3. Connecting with business/industry mentors. Elizabeth and Deborah met regularly with two highly experienced retail store executives.

4. Undertaking extensive market research to assess demand and obtain prototype feedback to make improvements before finalizing product specifications.

5. Gaining industry knowledge. Elizabeth and Deborah joined an appropriate industry association: The Juvenile Product Manufacturer’s association. While in the prototype phase, they attended a show as visitors to meet successful manufactures and ask questions such as how they got started, and who their suppliers were, etc.

6. Developing networking relationships with other inventors/manufacturers to share ideas and exchange information.

Notwithstanding, belief in their product, hard work and determination to make it a success! Read more stories like this from

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Poor Man’s Patent?

For many years – whenever someone had a great idea, they would: describe the idea in writing, seal the description in an envelope, and address and mail it to themselves. The postmark could thereafter be used as proof of a conception date and ultimately inventorship.

While the courts generally looked upon the practice unfavorably, it did nevertheless ‘stand the test’ in certain cases. Patent fights (a process called ‘interference’) have indeed turned in favor of an inventor proving a date of conception by a ‘poor man’s patent’.

As the did not like this practice so much, the United State Patent and Trademark Office created the “Disclosure Document Program” as a replacement for the ‘poor man’s patent’. Under this program, an inventor could submit and document she wanted in any form whatsoever for a small fee.

Documents submitted under the Disclosure Document Program were not examined nor processed in any way. Rather, they were merely kept on file for a two year period – after which they were automatically destroyed. Unless they were cited in a later filed patent application – that is filed before the expiry of the two year period. The program provided an inexpensive and durable proof of conception for all individual inventors. It was easy to use and highly successful as described on

However as of 2007, the USPTO has quit and discontinued the program – in favor of the provisional patent application program. While the provisional patent application program provides excellent benefits, it remains complex, expensive, overly burdensome and not readily accessible to those without special skill in patent practice and procedure. Accordingly, inventors generally hire an expensive patent attorney to prepare and file a provisional patent application.

Cancellation of the Disclosure Document Program left inventors again without good options for establishing a date of conception in a quick inexpensive manner. Accordingly, inventors are forced back to the ‘poor man’s patent’ practice of sending self addressed envelopes through the postal service.

One very good alternative exists to provide even better date of conception witnessing. Professional invention services offered by InventHelp can serve to firmly establish your date of invention. In just a few minutes, you can lock-in forever the actual date of your idea.

Further, InventHelp has both Patent and Engineering professionals available to review, witness and document your submissions. While the poor man’s patent is subject to manipulation by the inventor, Idea Vault is a secure means of establishing a date of conception by way of a third party witness. Now, there is now longer any question as to when you came up with your $$$ million dollar ideas.


Dentures Cost

Each patient is different and will require a visit with the dentist who will determine what the best course of action should be. This will include:

  • Dental x-rays for any remaining teeth
  • Check the stability of the remaining teeth
  • Determine if there is evidence of periodontal disease
  • Make a determination if any remaining teeth need to be extracted
  • Determine if some of the remaining teeth can withstand root canals to attach partial dentures to

Other considerations the dentist will speak with the patient about are what type of dentures they need or want:

  • Full set of standard dentures or over dentures
  • Partial dentures also known as a bridge
  • Removable or permanent partial dentures
  • Dental implants

Hybrid dentures are the best dentures, but are expensive. These dentures are fixed on dental implants. They don’t move, so eating food is very comfortable. Hybrid denture implants are fixed on the jaw and the denture is fixed on implants.

Once the dentist completes their exam, they will detail which options are available to the patient. A written estimate will also be provided at this time with an explanation of the charges associated with the different procedures.


Folding Mobility Scooter

The advantages of a folding mobility scooter are lower weight, lower volume occupied especially when folded, and ease of transportation.

Lower weight

You will find folding mobility scooters that weigh just over 60 lbs. Such low weight will unleash other advantages, such as ease of transportation and ease of storage. When you are determined about expanding your mobility, and you need a mobility scooter, you will sometimes just need to push it here or there, place it in the trunk of a car, or put it on a plane. Which brings me to the next point, Lower volume occupied.

Lower volume occupied

Maybe you live in a house that hardly even fits your family and your other belongings. A lightweight foldable mobility scooter will save you space. When thinking about traveling, imagine the possibilities when you can now pack your scooter in the trunk of your car with ease and just go anywhere with it. What about flying?

Ease of transportation

Indeed, smaller folding mobility scooters will even fit in the storage compartment of a plane, allowing you to take trips anywhere in the country, or anywhere in the world. Surely, not all world airports are mobile scooter friendly, but just about all airports in the USA are.

Crews on airlines have special directions for handling mobile scooters and you will be surprised how easy it is to travel far with your scooter, at least within the USA. And when you arrive to your destination, have you noticed how many cities across the USA are mobile scooter friendly?

Have you noticed all the pedestrian crossings fitted with ramps for the wheelchairs? Have you noticed the restaurants, shops, how they are designed to be accessible for a person in a mobility scooter. In short, using your car, bus, and airplanes, your folding mobility scooter will expand your reach more than any other kind of vehicle.

Whether you are intending to increase your mobility at home, for easy navigation inside your house or apartment, or whether you are planning a road trip by car, or even a trip to visit distant relatives by plane, a folding mobility scooter could be the right choice for you. Sure, there are some disadvantages over a regular, non-folding scooter. Your ride in a scooter outside of the house will likely be a bit more bumpy due to the lower weight of the structure.

Driving outside, you will not look as “big” or “respectable” as you would in a larger scooter or an electric power chair. However, if the maximal mobility is your goal, these considerations may not matter as much. The significantly lower weight, lower volume occupied, and overall much easier transportation of your scooter will enable you to enjoy an active and fully mobile lifestyle.

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HP Plotter Printer Repair

If you have an HP plotter printer, you may not have had to deal too much with repairs. However, if you’re thinking about replacing the printer and getting a newer model, here are a few things you’ll want to consider that will help you to save money in the long run.

One of the things you may be considering is replacing your inkjet printer for a laser printer. While laser printers tend to deliver documents faster, they can turn out to be costly in terms of maintenance and replacements. Laser ink cartridges cost about $75 each and the printer will only produce about 2,000 pages per cartridge. An older HP printer model, such as an inkjet variety, may not need another cartridge for about 14,000 pages. This will save you a considerable amount of money if you are using the printer several times a day.

Plotter Printer Repair gcfzsd

The speed of the plotter printer will also help you to determine if it is time to repair the plotter. Fortunately, there are some really good HP plotter repair services in Dubai, so your plotter will be live and running in no time. Laser printers were designed to give documents a clean and crisp finish, while delivering the document quicker than printers of the past. For this reason, laser printer repair can be expensive, since they are generally not supposed to malfunction often. While your HP inkjet plotter printer may print a little slower, it may not need as much maintenance if it has been running smoothly for the last few years. So, you’ll need to determine whether or not a couple of minutes will make the difference in how fast your office materials are sent out and distributed.

It is important to know how to recognize the codes that the printer is displaying. This way, you may find that you are able to fix a problem yourself without having to call anyone. For instance, error 11 means that the paper is out. So you’ll need to check the position of the paper or paper tray to make sure that everything is aligned properly, even if you’ve just replaced the paper in the printer. Other signs, such as error 20, will let you know that you’ll need to add memory to the printer, and that the job you are requesting for the printer may be a little too complex. Knowing how to recognize and remedy some of these printer repair errors will help you to save money and time, which affects the overall productivity of your business.



IPR is popularly known as Intellectual property rights. The term intellectual property comprises of Trademark, patent, copyright, design and geographical indication. The term intellectual property mainly speaks of the property created by the mind, labour, skill and efforts of the human being.

This property mainly relates to the capacity of the human being to produce new things and present the same before public so that science and technology can be developed. The main motive of laws concerning intellectual property is to protect the work created by the minds of different human beings. The owner of the property has the right to such property which is produced by his own intellect.

Intellectual property is more or less similar to tangible property, the way it is required to be protected through proper documentation, the same way intellectual property is also required to be protected in a prescribed manner or else it may be infringed or violated. The only difference is pertaining to the character of the properties. There are professional agencies, such as InventHelp that could help in the process. Read about the benefits of using InventHelp.

The problem with intellectual property is that it cannot be kept in a vault or deposit or bank or locked up in a house. The property in the form of trademark, patent, copyright etc is easily available to the public and thus there is every possibility that it might be infringed.

However it is extremely true that registration of intellectual property does not guarantee complete protection of the same, it just helps in the recognition of owner’s right pertaining to the property in question. You should seek support from InventHelp on this. Thus, it can be said that property coming within the sphere of intellectual property cannot be safely protected but it is a medium through which owner’s right can be made recognized throughout the commercial market. So, it is highly recommended to protect the intellectual property through registration of the same.