Can I Hug My Pillow to Sleep?

Here’s how it proves the old adage that “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”. Ever faced the situation where you hear your child asking for a toy to hold to sleep and you were scared of handing over the teddy bear on the shelf for fear of dust mites?

Well, here’s how Elizabeth Gradie-Chinn and Deborah Rivera-Wienhold turned sleep into an opportunity never to be missed. They invented the curved juvenile body pillow with a decorative cover whose combination transforms the pillow into a huggable two or three-dimensional animal as you can read from

Now here are inventors who have chosen the method of licensing their product since they were sure that they couldn’t market it themselves.
But the decision didn’t come suddenly, it was after two years of testing and research that the duo decided that the market was ready for their product.

The steps that Elizabeth and Deborah followed that contributed to their success including being awarded a patent, introducing their product, and licensing their patent were:

1. Seeking and using professional expertise, such as industry/business, legal, accounting, financial, and promotion.

2. Taking advantage of counseling services provided by their local county and state government’s small business resource center. Elizabeth and Deborah were matched with a counselor considered an expert in the Invention Process including Intellectual Property Development and Commercialization.

3. Connecting with business/industry mentors. Elizabeth and Deborah met regularly with two highly experienced retail store executives.

4. Undertaking extensive market research to assess demand and obtain prototype feedback to make improvements before finalizing product specifications.

5. Gaining industry knowledge. Elizabeth and Deborah joined an appropriate industry association: The Juvenile Product Manufacturer’s association. While in the prototype phase, they attended a show as visitors to meet successful manufactures and ask questions such as how they got started, and who their suppliers were, etc.

6. Developing networking relationships with other inventors/manufacturers to share ideas and exchange information.

Notwithstanding, belief in their product, hard work and determination to make it a success! Read more stories like this from

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Poor Man’s Patent?

For many years – whenever someone had a great idea, they would: describe the idea in writing, seal the description in an envelope, and address and mail it to themselves. The postmark could thereafter be used as proof of a conception date and ultimately inventorship.

While the courts generally looked upon the practice unfavorably, it did nevertheless ‘stand the test’ in certain cases. Patent fights (a process called ‘interference’) have indeed turned in favor of an inventor proving a date of conception by a ‘poor man’s patent’.

As the did not like this practice so much, the United State Patent and Trademark Office created the “Disclosure Document Program” as a replacement for the ‘poor man’s patent’. Under this program, an inventor could submit and document she wanted in any form whatsoever for a small fee.

Documents submitted under the Disclosure Document Program were not examined nor processed in any way. Rather, they were merely kept on file for a two year period – after which they were automatically destroyed. Unless they were cited in a later filed patent application – that is filed before the expiry of the two year period. The program provided an inexpensive and durable proof of conception for all individual inventors. It was easy to use and highly successful as described on

However as of 2007, the USPTO has quit and discontinued the program – in favor of the provisional patent application program. While the provisional patent application program provides excellent benefits, it remains complex, expensive, overly burdensome and not readily accessible to those without special skill in patent practice and procedure. Accordingly, inventors generally hire an expensive patent attorney to prepare and file a provisional patent application.

Cancellation of the Disclosure Document Program left inventors again without good options for establishing a date of conception in a quick inexpensive manner. Accordingly, inventors are forced back to the ‘poor man’s patent’ practice of sending self addressed envelopes through the postal service.

One very good alternative exists to provide even better date of conception witnessing. Professional invention services offered by InventHelp can serve to firmly establish your date of invention. In just a few minutes, you can lock-in forever the actual date of your idea.

Further, InventHelp has both Patent and Engineering professionals available to review, witness and document your submissions. While the poor man’s patent is subject to manipulation by the inventor, Idea Vault is a secure means of establishing a date of conception by way of a third party witness. Now, there is now longer any question as to when you came up with your $$$ million dollar ideas.


Dentures Cost

Each patient is different and will require a visit with the dentist who will determine what the best course of action should be. This will include:

  • Dental x-rays for any remaining teeth
  • Check the stability of the remaining teeth
  • Determine if there is evidence of periodontal disease
  • Make a determination if any remaining teeth need to be extracted
  • Determine if some of the remaining teeth can withstand root canals to attach partial dentures to

Other considerations the dentist will speak with the patient about are what type of dentures they need or want:

  • Full set of standard dentures or over dentures
  • Partial dentures also known as a bridge
  • Removable or permanent partial dentures
  • Dental implants

Hybrid dentures are the best dentures, but are expensive. These dentures are fixed on dental implants. They don’t move, so eating food is very comfortable. Hybrid denture implants are fixed on the jaw and the denture is fixed on implants.

Once the dentist completes their exam, they will detail which options are available to the patient. A written estimate will also be provided at this time with an explanation of the charges associated with the different procedures.


Folding Mobility Scooter

The advantages of a folding mobility scooter are lower weight, lower volume occupied especially when folded, and ease of transportation.

Lower weight

You will find folding mobility scooters that weigh just over 60 lbs. Such low weight will unleash other advantages, such as ease of transportation and ease of storage. When you are determined about expanding your mobility, and you need a mobility scooter, you will sometimes just need to push it here or there, place it in the trunk of a car, or put it on a plane. Which brings me to the next point, Lower volume occupied.

Lower volume occupied

Maybe you live in a house that hardly even fits your family and your other belongings. A lightweight foldable mobility scooter will save you space. When thinking about traveling, imagine the possibilities when you can now pack your scooter in the trunk of your car with ease and just go anywhere with it. What about flying?

Ease of transportation

Indeed, smaller folding mobility scooters will even fit in the storage compartment of a plane, allowing you to take trips anywhere in the country, or anywhere in the world. Surely, not all world airports are mobile scooter friendly, but just about all airports in the USA are.

Crews on airlines have special directions for handling mobile scooters and you will be surprised how easy it is to travel far with your scooter, at least within the USA. And when you arrive to your destination, have you noticed how many cities across the USA are mobile scooter friendly?

Have you noticed all the pedestrian crossings fitted with ramps for the wheelchairs? Have you noticed the restaurants, shops, how they are designed to be accessible for a person in a mobility scooter. In short, using your car, bus, and airplanes, your folding mobility scooter will expand your reach more than any other kind of vehicle.

Whether you are intending to increase your mobility at home, for easy navigation inside your house or apartment, or whether you are planning a road trip by car, or even a trip to visit distant relatives by plane, a folding mobility scooter could be the right choice for you. Sure, there are some disadvantages over a regular, non-folding scooter. Your ride in a scooter outside of the house will likely be a bit more bumpy due to the lower weight of the structure.

Driving outside, you will not look as “big” or “respectable” as you would in a larger scooter or an electric power chair. However, if the maximal mobility is your goal, these considerations may not matter as much. The significantly lower weight, lower volume occupied, and overall much easier transportation of your scooter will enable you to enjoy an active and fully mobile lifestyle.

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HP Plotter Printer Repair

If you have an HP plotter printer, you may not have had to deal too much with repairs. However, if you’re thinking about replacing the printer and getting a newer model, here are a few things you’ll want to consider that will help you to save money in the long run.

One of the things you may be considering is replacing your inkjet printer for a laser printer. While laser printers tend to deliver documents faster, they can turn out to be costly in terms of maintenance and replacements. Laser ink cartridges cost about $75 each and the printer will only produce about 2,000 pages per cartridge. An older HP printer model, such as an inkjet variety, may not need another cartridge for about 14,000 pages. This will save you a considerable amount of money if you are using the printer several times a day.

Plotter Printer Repair gcfzsd

The speed of the plotter printer will also help you to determine if it is time to repair the plotter. Fortunately, there are some really good HP plotter repair services in Dubai, so your plotter will be live and running in no time. Laser printers were designed to give documents a clean and crisp finish, while delivering the document quicker than printers of the past. For this reason, laser printer repair can be expensive, since they are generally not supposed to malfunction often. While your HP inkjet plotter printer may print a little slower, it may not need as much maintenance if it has been running smoothly for the last few years. So, you’ll need to determine whether or not a couple of minutes will make the difference in how fast your office materials are sent out and distributed.

It is important to know how to recognize the codes that the printer is displaying. This way, you may find that you are able to fix a problem yourself without having to call anyone. For instance, error 11 means that the paper is out. So you’ll need to check the position of the paper or paper tray to make sure that everything is aligned properly, even if you’ve just replaced the paper in the printer. Other signs, such as error 20, will let you know that you’ll need to add memory to the printer, and that the job you are requesting for the printer may be a little too complex. Knowing how to recognize and remedy some of these printer repair errors will help you to save money and time, which affects the overall productivity of your business.



IPR is popularly known as Intellectual property rights. The term intellectual property comprises of Trademark, patent, copyright, design and geographical indication. The term intellectual property mainly speaks of the property created by the mind, labour, skill and efforts of the human being.

This property mainly relates to the capacity of the human being to produce new things and present the same before public so that science and technology can be developed. The main motive of laws concerning intellectual property is to protect the work created by the minds of different human beings. The owner of the property has the right to such property which is produced by his own intellect.

Intellectual property is more or less similar to tangible property, the way it is required to be protected through proper documentation, the same way intellectual property is also required to be protected in a prescribed manner or else it may be infringed or violated. The only difference is pertaining to the character of the properties. There are professional agencies, such as InventHelp that could help in the process. Read about the benefits of using InventHelp.

The problem with intellectual property is that it cannot be kept in a vault or deposit or bank or locked up in a house. The property in the form of trademark, patent, copyright etc is easily available to the public and thus there is every possibility that it might be infringed.

However it is extremely true that registration of intellectual property does not guarantee complete protection of the same, it just helps in the recognition of owner’s right pertaining to the property in question. You should seek support from InventHelp on this. Thus, it can be said that property coming within the sphere of intellectual property cannot be safely protected but it is a medium through which owner’s right can be made recognized throughout the commercial market. So, it is highly recommended to protect the intellectual property through registration of the same.



An inventor may file a patent application with the USPTO themselves or they may hire a patent agent or patent attorney to write and file the application. The USPTO recommends that inventors use a patent agent or patent attorney to file an application because it is a complex legal document. Inventors who qualify under small entity status will save 50% on many USPTO application fees as you can see from article.

What is a small entity for patent purposes?

A small entity is eligible for reduced patent fees because it falls into the general categories of

  • Person
  • Small business concern
  • Nonprofit organization
  • Licenses to a Federal agency
  • Security Interest

Time is of the essence in filing an application. A delay in filing an application can constitute abandonment, suppression, or concealment if diligence is in question.

Non-Provisional Utility Patent

A Non-Provisional Utility Patent is what most people think of when they think of a U.S. Patent.

A Non-Provisional Patent Application permits the term “Patent Pending” to be applied in connection with the invention after the filing of the patent application and after issuance. Some provisional rights accrue after publication of a non-provisional patent application (generally at 18 months after filing, earlier publication can be requested) but before issuance under certain circumstances.

Most patents applications that are received by the USPTO are for non-provisional patent applications. Three types are available-utility, design and plant patents. Over 85% of issued patents are utility patents as written on

In broad terms, a complete application comprises a specification as prescribed by 35 U.S.C. 112, including a claim or claims; an oath or declaration; and drawings (when necessary to illustrate the invention); and and the prescribed fees. The invention must be conveyed to the public in a meaningful way showing its novelty, essence, embodiments and utility and be completely enabling so that a person who is skilled in the art could build the invention without undue experimentation. For guidance on what a non-provisional application must contain, see A Guide to Filing A Non-Provisional Utility Patent from the USPTO.

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Patent an Idea Successfully

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when we get a brilliant idea. The difference is some act on that idea and try to turn it into a real product that can be sold while others let that idea pass them by, and that can either turn out one of the two ways: firstly, that idea will never be stumbled upon by another person because it was either that brilliant or simple enough that no one ever thought to think of it or secondly, someone else has that idea, patents it, and makes a lot of money.

If you have an idea and you didn’t know what to do with that, then, you can always seek professional help for your invention, and here are some points that can help you in this matter.

Understand how a patent works

A patent is a legal document that is granted to the first person for his unique idea or to invent a particular invention. It prevents others from making, selling or using the invention without your permission.

A patent is a way that makes the person with a great idea the sole owner of that idea. In the United States once an has been disclosed publicly, the inventor has one year to file for a patent. It means if the individual has an idea and tells anyone that he or she will sell them that product they have a year to patent that idea before it is lost. After the idea has popped into a person’s mind, the very first step is to get that idea turned into reality. And, if it is not visible, it is not marketable.

Once your product is completed, the next important thing to do is to hire an attorney or a patent agency such as Invent Help. There are some who feel that this step of choosing an attorney is not so necessary. But, if one skips this step, it can cause trouble. The proper documentation is important in this process. The right patent attorney helps in proper and correct documentation to ensure that the inventor is real.

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To File A Provisional Patent

To Provisional Patent Application you need a written description of your invention and a check payable to the Honorable Commissioner of Patents. When you mail this package to the Patent Office, you will be “patent pending” for one year from that date. If you wish, you can enclose a self-addressed post card, which the Patent Office will stamp and return, showing your serial number and filing date. Also, in about two months, they will send you an Official Filing Receipt.

However, you do not need to wait until you receive either of these. You are “Patent Pending” for one year from the date the Patent Office receives your application. When you mail your application to the Patent Office, I suggest that you mark your calendar for eight months down the road. During those eight months, you can market your device anywhere in the world and can make it “Patent Pending”. Do not tell them what type of application you have or the serial number or filing date of your application. If this is confusing, there are companies providing help for new inventors.

If they press you for that information, tell them that your patent attorney has advised you not to give out that information, and if they continue to press you, tell them to contact your patent lawyer.

Since there is no examination of Provisional patent applications, you can safely file one yourself and save yourself some money. All you need is a Provisional Application Cover Sheet. You will need to begin with a Provisional Patent Application (printable) Cover Sheet.

When the eight month date comes up, check on how you are doing with your invention and if you want to extend your protection beyond one year, it is necessary to consider filing Utility application, which can actually lead to a patent. I suggest the eight month date to ensure that you will have time for your patent attorney to draft an application and have you review it before you Provisional application expires.

Actually, if you wish, you can have your attorney or a patenting agency, like InventHelp, prepare the Utility Application at any time while your Provisional is in effect. Then, when your attorney tells you that the Utility application is ready for you to sign and send the Patent Office, you can hold it until, for example, the 364th day of your Provisional application and then mail the Utility application to the Patent Office by overnight mail. This will give you the maximum benefit of your Provisional application and will ensure continuity with your Utility application. As stated above, you can save money by filing the Provisional application yourself.


Natural Pest Control Service

Pests are the integral part of every home and lawn and these uninvited guests are present in every nook and corner of the house. There are many pesticides available that can be used to get rid of some common insects but these pesticides have strong chemical compounds that can be very harmful for your family and environment. This is why some people choose the natural, non-toxic ways to control these insect pests.

Looking For Natural Pest Control Service Provider

Internet is a source of infinite information and you can not only find out a lot about natural products that can help you deal with pests but you can also find many natural and residential pest control service providers in your area. There are many sites that list the companies and also provide the user’s reviews that can be quite helpful in judging the quality of work offered by the servicing personnel and the company. The best pest control services have their own website as Radar Pest Control –

Most of people are really skeptical about the effectiveness of natural pest control. There are specific organic and natural solutions available to deal with each kind of pest such as roaches, ants, termites, scorpions, ticks, mosquitoes, weeds and many more. The key to successful eradication however is choosing the right kind of product, which can be quite difficult thing to decide.

If you are choosing a natural pest control service, enquire about the options that do not use pesticides. A good company will not just kill the bugs and leave but will offer the coverage beyond the treatment along with lifetime warranty. The natural pest control service providers use alternatives to using chemicals and pesticides for pest management.

Use internet to search for few natural pest control service companies and fill up their form for initial inspection. The person coming for inspection will be able to tell you the exact problem and how it is going to be dealt with. You can also judge the company and servicing personnel based on the knowledge and experience. A good exterminator will not have the knowledge about natural pest products and their usage, but will also be able to explain everything including the methods of treatment. Just make sure that when you ask natural, you should get natural. Get everything in writing so that you know what you are paying for.

Getting An Extended Deal

Getting rid of the pests is important, but once that is done, it is equally important to make sure that they do not infest your house and lawn again. You can talk to the natural pest control service provider for regular check ups and preventive maintenance. You can also use Do-It-Yourself natural pest control products to ensure that the bugs are kept at bay.