What To Look For When Ordering Meat Online

Avoid any meats that may smell bad or funky. All meat ordered online should smell the same once it is delivered to your home. Be sure to check that the meat is good by smelling and touching it – it it has an odd smell contact the retailer you purchased it from. Checking the steak will ensure that you have purchased a quality, fresh, gourmet steak. Give the meat a poke to test if the meat is firm, not soft or tough. If the meat is too hard it may have been out for a while.


The color of the meat is usually what most customer’s use to determine what gourmet mail order meats they want to buy. This isn’t necessarily the case as it only plays a small factor in determining the quality of the steak. When you are buying beef avoid the cuts that look brown as this means it may have been out for a while. The best beef is a dark red color. This means the meat has been packed and frozen quickly after it was cut. When buying chicken, look for a pink color and avoid meat that is grey. Another way of determining the freshness when ordering frozen meat delivery will be on the best before date label on the gourmet steak. This should tell you when it was packed and how long this mean will stay good for.

How much meat should I have

Each person should have a piece of gourmet steak that is the size of their fist or the size of a deck of cards. You can avoid eating too much by following this simple rule and always have plenty of vegetables and grains to help balance the meal.

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