Ideal Humidifiers For Babies and Kids

When people say that your baby needs a humidifier it can make you worry unless you know what one is. A humidifier is a device to maintain a level of moisture in the air of our homes and have been around for a long time. A humidifier for baby performs the same function. At its basic level the humidifier turns water you add into a mist to raise humidity and moisture content. But how does that benefit your bundle of joy?

As air gets drier, it dries the moisture that lines our internal surfaces such as the trachea. That leaves you baby vulnerable to coughs, colds and other respiratory tract bacteria. Without a humidifier for baby comfort, existing coughs and stuffy noses become more of an irritant.

Humidifiers are ideal for households with babies and toddlers. As they keep the surrounding air circulated, fresh and purified, it is the perfect way to keep the lungs and sinuses clear of natural air bourne impurities such as dust and stale tobacco smoke (for those who smoke indoors).

A lot of doctors recommend humidifiers especially for the cold, dry months as they keep the dry air, created by indoor heating, to a recommended level of moist humidity. This not only helps them to sleep better at night but also acts as a remedy to prevent colds, especially in children under the age of 2, where many cold and flu remedies are not generally recommended.

So what are the best humidifiers for kids? Ideally, you would be looking for one that has a humidistat installed or even a digital version that is able to automatically shut off when the room has reached an acceptable level of humidity and looks cool, like bird humidifier. Over humidifying a room can make the air too wet which can then have the entirely opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve. Air that is too wet can also carry air bourne germs and even create dampness and mould in the room.

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