Causes of Low Milk Supply

Many breastfeeding mothers might have the problem of low milk supply. Breastfeeding mothers normally think that they have the problem of low milk supply when they have the feeling of less fullness in their breasts. There are actually many reasons could lead to low milk supply. And there are many remedies to help you increase breast milk supply from natural supplements such as the Legendairy Milk Singapore supplements to prescription medications. Understand and observe what could be the root cause that prevent your breast to stimulate breast milk. What are the Causes of Low Milk Supply?

Less Frequent of Breastfeeding

Amount of breast milk that you could produce relate closely to how frequent you breastfeed or pump breast milk. Frequent breastfeeding allow your body stimulate breast milk better. If you have reduced the breastfeeding or pumping for a brief period of time due to sore nipple or some other reasons, your breast milk production will definitely decrease. Sometimes, low milk supply might due to your baby is too sleepy and stop sucking during breastfeeding, which will also reduce the duration of taking milk.

Poor Latching Technique

Having poor latching technique is another common cause of low milk supply. This could be the baby does not being latched deep enough on the breast. Click here to see the right breastfeeding latching position.

Supplementation of Formula Milk / Solid food

If you have introducing supplementation food like formula milk or solid food to your baby, your baby will take less of your breastmilk.


That will cause your baby to spend less time with your breast at the same time. This would be one of the reasons in reducing the stimulation of breast milk. Illness and medication could reduce the production of breast milk. Birth control pill with estrogen could affect the production of breast milk as well. Mothers who experience losing blood excessively during delivery might not produce enough breast milk for their babies.

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