More Views on YouTube Tips

Getting people to view your videos in YouTube can be quite impossible since the competition can be quite tough. Even though there are millions of online surfers, the number of videos uploaded on the said video sharing site is three to four times higher. This may mean that your video may left unnoticed because nobody thought it exists online aside from you.

If you want to get more views on YouTube here are some of the things that you can do.

Do not forget to make a title that can catch the attention of the viewers. The title must also be relevant to your video as well. Just think of putting up a headline in a newspaper. That is how important the title is if you want to have more viewers for your uploaded videos on YouTube.

Choose the right category. More often than not, users fail to pick the right category for their video thinking that it is no longer significant. What happens when you do not get the right one is that your video will not be included in the list of results in case a user searched for YouTube videos by category. Instead of getting views, you reduce the chance of your video to be watched.

Make use of the keyword phrasing. When putting keywords for the video, do not just put one word and place a comma afterwards. Many users search videos using keyword phrases or combination of 2 to 4 words. It allows them to get more related results instead of getting tons of videos that are not really related to what they were looking for.

Comment on videos that can be related to yours to get more views on YouTube. If you got videos about celebrities, try to comment on music videos of different artists. Do it in such a way that you would not look like a spammer so that people would pay attention to your posts and to your videos at the same time.

There are also companies from which you can buy YouTube watch time. This is the fastest and easiest method of increasing your YouTube views for your channel or videos.

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