Folding Mobility Scooter

The advantages of a folding mobility scooter are lower weight, lower volume occupied especially when folded, and ease of transportation.

Lower weight

You will find folding mobility scooters that weigh just over 60 lbs. Such low weight will unleash other advantages, such as ease of transportation and ease of storage. When you are determined about expanding your mobility, and you need a mobility scooter, you will sometimes just need to push it here or there, place it in the trunk of a car, or put it on a plane. Which brings me to the next point, Lower volume occupied.

Lower volume occupied

Maybe you live in a house that hardly even fits your family and your other belongings. A lightweight foldable mobility scooter will save you space. When thinking about traveling, imagine the possibilities when you can now pack your scooter in the trunk of your car with ease and just go anywhere with it. What about flying?

Ease of transportation

Indeed, smaller folding mobility scooters will even fit in the storage compartment of a plane, allowing you to take trips anywhere in the country, or anywhere in the world. Surely, not all world airports are mobile scooter friendly, but just about all airports in the USA are.

Crews on airlines have special directions for handling mobile scooters and you will be surprised how easy it is to travel far with your scooter, at least within the USA. And when you arrive to your destination, have you noticed how many cities across the USA are mobile scooter friendly?

Have you noticed all the pedestrian crossings fitted with ramps for the wheelchairs? Have you noticed the restaurants, shops, how they are designed to be accessible for a person in a mobility scooter. In short, using your car, bus, and airplanes, your folding mobility scooter will expand your reach more than any other kind of vehicle.

Whether you are intending to increase your mobility at home, for easy navigation inside your house or apartment, or whether you are planning a road trip by car, or even a trip to visit distant relatives by plane, a folding mobility scooter could be the right choice for you. Sure, there are some disadvantages over a regular, non-folding scooter. Your ride in a scooter outside of the house will likely be a bit more bumpy due to the lower weight of the structure.

Driving outside, you will not look as “big” or “respectable” as you would in a larger scooter or an electric power chair. However, if the maximal mobility is your goal, these considerations may not matter as much. The significantly lower weight, lower volume occupied, and overall much easier transportation of your scooter will enable you to enjoy an active and fully mobile lifestyle.

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