Exotic fruits in bubble tea

Apples, pears, cherries and most types of berries grow here in Europe, and bananas and oranges, which are actually exotic fruits, can now be found in every household. But those who walk through the fruit and vegetable departments of supermarkets are finding more and more colorful, exotic and unusual fruits today, the names of which few know, let alone know how they taste or are eaten properly.

The pitahaya / pitaya / dragon fruitis about the size of a tangerine and has a yellow or pink skin with fleshy scales. The yellow variety has gray-white flesh with small black seeds and the pink fruit has a bright red color. It is best eaten by slicing it in the middle and scraping the pulp with a spoon. Depending on how mature they are, they taste like a mixture of kiwi and gooseberries.

The Cherimoya / cream fruit / cream apple is as big as a small apple, has a green fruit skin that goes to brownish color, which is either leathery or scaly. The flesh is light, soft and creamy with firm black seeds. It is peeled and the taste is comparable to a mixture of raspberry, strawberry and pear with a hint of vanilla.

The kiwano / cantaloupe / horn cucumber is comparable in size and shape to the honeydew melon, has a sun yellow to deep orange color and is covered with soft spines. The flesh is light green and interspersed with flat white seeds, which are edible. It is best halved and spooned out, and its taste is reminiscent of a mixture of cucumber and melon, although it tends to be sour rather than sweet.

The persimmon / sharon fruit looks very similar to a large tomato, has a deep orange peel and the stem base consists of four sepals. The flesh is orange with very few soft seeds. The stalk is removed and the fruit is completely eaten and the taste is reminiscent of a honey-sweet apricot.

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