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Think big, go hyperlocal

For the past few years, websites, real estate websites included, have been highly effective because of their national and even international appeal. In many respects, the very strength of a website was its reach; the ability to reach a wide audience. There is a paradigm shift that is taking place. Instead of trying to reach a massive audience, websites and web applications have begun to focus on their own backyards, going hyperlocal.

Mainstream media has a tendency to focus on sensational, shocking or national stories. Filling time with such reports often leaves community level coverage lacking and often overlooked. Originally born out of this lack of community news, hyperlocal reporting began to spring up around the blogosphere. Individuals took it upon themselves to collect news etc from their own neighborhoods.

Once this trend established itself, other web elements began to align themselves with the hyperlocal focus. There are plenty of opportunities that revolve around tapping into a hyperlocal market – not least of which, is real estate.

By drawing the community and focusing on its particular attributes, a hyperlocal real estate site can generate a certain resonance. But of course design of the real estate site is also important. Fortunately there are real estate website providers such as Easy Agent Pro which could be used to create beautiful real estate sites as you can see from this review –

Right off the bat, my initial questions about adopting a hyperlocal approach concerned the effectiveness of focusing on such a small area. This was a vestigial knee-jerk reaction to my scaling down from the vast nature of the world wide web. There is no cause for alarm. Going hyperlocal does not mean going low traffic. Going hyperlocal means quality content specific to very niche areas.

Going hyperlocal makes a lot of sense especially for real estate professionals. By going hyperlocal and connecting with other hyperlocal elements within an area, a real estate site becomes a portal into that community – establishing the mood, feel and ‘vibe’ of the area. Coupled with other hyperlocal resources, not only does a real estate site have the potential to become a touchstone for real estate but for neighborhoods as well.

The lesson here is that while the idea of having a real estate website is based on generating leads and the best way to do that is to put a site in front of as many eyeballs as possible. However, not all eyeballs are created equal. Hyperlocal viewers are either thinking of moving to the area or currently live there. Thus, they have a very special interest in the goings on, the news and general content of the area. These eyeballs are worth much more then say someone merely looking at real estate from foreign city.

While I try and steer clear of buzz word hype, hyperlocal is a critical component of web2.0 and offers some powerful potential for real estate websites.

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Protect Your Idea With A Patent Submission

Before you decide to market your invention, you must therefore practice abundant caution to protect your idea or invention. One of the best ways to protect something as precious as your invention is to get a patent. Applying for and submitting a patent can be a cumbersome as well as a costly affair. It is a wise and cost-saving decision to consult a patenting agency like Invent Help or a patent attorney who has the requisite skill and expertise to guide you through the process of patent submission.

There are a few steps however, needed to acquire a patent, so that you could turn your brilliant business idea into a successful business proposition in the shortest possible time. Firstly prepare and submit your idea in writing, accompanied by drawing if necessary, to a reputed commercial enterprise for their unbiased opinion regarding its commercial viability.

This viability study may be given to your patent agent to evaluate whether the technical essentials provided is enough and meets the patent merit requirements. You might have to sit for a joint meeting with the company management and your patent attorney to give the finishing touches to the patent application before submission. Through these interactions you will also gain valuable knowledge regarding the drawbacks of your inventions, if any, or even scope for further improvement, before the patent is submitted.

Your patent agent should prepare and distribute the first draft of the patent application to you as the inventor and the company who is showing interest in your invention. This should be reviewed and assessed by all parties concerned and a second draft made, if need be, with due alterations or improvements to the text and drawings.

Now your patent is ready for submission by the patent attorney, who is also responsible for preparing all supporting documents, drawings, testimonials along with the fees for submission to the U.S. Patent Office. After submission, you should get an official serial number and filing date which is enough for patent pending purposes as explained on

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has proposed some changes recently to the process of patent submission. The changes make it compulsory for companies to submit all related patents, publications and all other allied documents pertaining to the invention for which patent is submitted. These changes have been made with a view to reduce the Patent Office Examiner’s work load and also hasten up the patenting process. This is particularly relevant to companies which spend millions on research and development and the future of the companies often depend on how strong the patent is for their new invention.

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Do You Need A Patent

You have a great idea which can help you to earn millions of dollars. You have already discussed with a few friends and now are afraid of someone copying it. How will you protect it? Simple, don’t allow anyone to steal it. But there is no safe way that can protect an idea from being stolen or is there! Of course, there is the law called intellectual property rights that enables you to safeguard your idea/ invention. There are patenting agencies, like InventHelp, who specialize in pattenting inventions. Once you get your invention patented, it is secured and your national government guarantees its security.

A patent is a right given to an inventor after he/ she discloses the invention publicly. However, this right lasts for a limited period of time and within this time frame nobody can use the invention commercially without the permission of the inventor. So whether you have an idea for a new line of electronic products or hand and machine tools, the following steps will help you to apply for a patent.

First and foremost, you need to find out that your idea is fresh and unique, i.e. it is not already patented. A thorough patent search will help you to determine that. You can either do this yourself or get professional help. In case you are not opting for professionals, make sure to search for the foreign patents as well. There are a number of online search services that you can refer to for that.

Once you are sure that the idea has not been patented you will need to prepare a basic prototype. This will help you to understand the functionality of your product/ service. Having a prototype also ensures that your idea is close to the final design. However, be very cautious while developing the prototype. Changing any part of this will call for a lot of difficulties after your patent has been filed.

You will also have to define your market. A product/ service that covers only a small market area is hardly commercially viable. In addition, you have to determine a tentative manufacturing cost of your product. You must also consider that preparing the patent will involve certain costs and there would be some legal and business costs as well. Thereby, it is advisable to evaluate your idea before applying for a patent.

Though filing for patent is expensive than applying for a copyright or trademark, it is a better idea to hire a professional company like Invent Help to do it for you. They are of great help during negotiations and can help you to earn higher royalties. For those who want to start their own business will also find patent law helpful. It justifies your investment by eliminating the risk posed by copycats.


Tips for Managing Your Personal Branding Online

In a single sentence, that’s what makes up your personal branding online. With so much information available on the internet, and a number of different social media outlets and websites where you could possibly represent yourself in a way that you didn’t necessarily intend, how do you manage your personal brand?

Follow these tips to keep it under control:

Google Your Name and See What Comes Up

Unless you are well known for a specific reason, in most cases, a Google search for your own name will return results that are relatively benign. In fact, you may not see one listed result that is actually related to you. However, if you are active on social media or operate a personal or company blog, your profiles will likely appear.

If you are trying to increase the visibility of your personal online brand, you should be creating profiles, websites and blogs in your name and actively managing them. This is the best way to ensure that when someone searches for your name they find YOU instead of a bogus mention of you or your name that you don’t control.

If you are concerned about negative mentions, Googling yourself is the easiest way to check up on your name to see if anything overly negative appears near the top of Google’s results.

Keep the Confidence of Other People

When someone, personally or professionally, shares something with you that they want you to keep confidential, do that. Whether spread intentionally or unintentionally, gossip grows as fast as wildfire, and you can be sure that whatever you do will come back to you later on down the road. By keeping the confidence of others, you make yourself a source worthy of trust both online and offline… And that’s something everyone respects.

Beyond keeping private information private, do what you say you are going to do. Although there are cases where a negative comment about you will pop up without a “real” reason (think ex-employees or competitors, for example), often times a negative review, rip off report and the like are posted because that person truly feels betrayed, ripped off or lied to. If you want to keep your name clean, then don’t make promises you can’t keep and always hold to your word.

Respond to Every Inquiry/Comment

This is easier said than done if you have a large network across several social media websites. But, the better you can do it, the more people that will trust your personal brand. Today’s marketing environment is all about establishing a personal connection, and responding to comments and inquiries is a great way to build a trusted connection.

Many celebrities and high profile business owners have been called out for using a company or ghost writer to manage their accounts. Even if you don’t have the time to manage everything yourself, you should still attempt to keep up with what’s happening on your social accounts and websites that appear to be managed by you, in your name. That way you are in the loop and can add a personal touch whenever possible which in turn will help keep your personal brand clean and your users will see you as more genuine.

Share Valuable Information for the Audience You Want to Attract

…but don’t be afraid to show a little personality too! If you want to attract employers, share your successes at work and post updates about the latest events and news in your industry. Follow and engage other people in your industry where possible. You’d be surprised how many will follow you back or respond to your message – sometimes even well respected influencers. When you share information in the future, there’s the potential they could share that information again themselves, creating viral opportunities for your name and shared content.

Once you appear to be a knowledgeable expert and your profiles reflect your business interests as well as your personal, you will gain a bigger, more loyal audience.

Always Think with Your Target Market in Mind

Branding is always about your ability to deliver on your promise – especially about who you are and what you have to offer. Think of what you want your target market to experience and how you want people to perceive you whenever they come across you online. Then, fine-tune your social profiles, personal blogs and other personal websites to reflect that.


Professional French Translation Service

Completing a translation between two languages is about finding common ground and then accurately interpreting and presenting the content between the two languages to ensure minimal meaning loss.

It’s understandable why many, even those who speak both languages, can struggle to preserve the precise meaning of the content they are translating.

That’s because, in many ways, it’s impossible to communicative exactly what they were saying, different languages are fundamentally different forms of communication, and thus are applied in fundamentally different ways.

That’s certainly not to say that accurate translation is impossible, it’s simply difficult, more difficult than most people think, but you can always get a professional quality English to French translation or French to English translation from professional French translation service!

Whether you are translating into or out of French, it’s all about your ability to be detailed and to communicate as much as possible without changing the original intention, and this is what professional French translators specialize in.

When it comes to French translation services you won’t find a better one than to get the job done. So if it’s a high quality translation you want with little or no time to divulge yourself, go with Younes Tazi Translations professional service!


Marine Services

While there are other companies in this line of work, probably no other offers the same level of commitment as the experts at They boast a turnaround time of days instead of weeks when locating that hard to find part. Customers in need of a quotation will likely receive a response in no later than 2 days. This is just one example of the type of quality work performed by the marine mechanics at this company. There is no better firm to handle all of the Marine related problems experienced by enterprises involved in this industry.

For the very best in customer service, onsite inspection and knowledgeable marine mechanics, is the place to turn to in that time of need. They are able to diagnose most problems over the phone is necessary and can also travel to the vessel in need of repair if that becomes a necessity. Find the right part to minimize time spent in drydock is their greatest priority, which is why so many firms turn to them first. They are the unquestioned leader in the field of Marine Services.


Best Helicopter Tours

Whether you are a person in a hurry that needs to get to a meeting fast or a celebrity that needs to enter the show in an exclusive manner for the event. This guide will show you the best helicopter tours and charter services. You will have the possibility to choose from a diversified fleet, from luxury to economic, and you can also choose one of the most enjoyable of Helicopter Sightseeing Tours.

The best helicopter tours are where you spend a nice day with your family, but other uses for helicopters are:

  • birthdays,
  • marriage requests,
  • delivering the groom with the helicopter,
  • graduation days,
  • taking pictures,
  • corporate and relaxation trips.

Renting a helicopter will be a great opportunity to admire the beauty of the surrounding areas. The Helicopter Rides usually last for about 20 minutes, and it will cost you approximate $100-200 per hour, depending on the helicopter and the duration. You can find some really perfect heli tour tips online. The conditions of flying are also important, and you might benefit from price reductions if you are organizing a group trip.


Helicopter Rental

Before you engage a helicopter charter service, verify their terms and conditions. Majority of private helicopter charters have a highly visible online presence. You can use the internet to check all the details regarding their services and best places for helicopter tours. These details are always listed on their websites.

It also recommendable to search for helicopter charter service companies, which are offering special offers and discounts. These offers can help you to save some good money. You can also get a chance to choose the exact chopper model that you want to fly on.

If you would like to get total satisfaction from a private helicopter charters, you should go for reputable and established helicopter company. These companies employ the best qualified service staff, pilots and engineers. Apart from private helicopter charters, some of the company has also been involved in emergency rescue, fire suppression, recovery services and air lifts.


Professional underwater welder

In order to get certified as a professional underwater welder, you would not only have to learn welding and possess a certificate for the same, but you would also need to learn diving, as it is a prerequisite for getting certified as an Underwater Welder. Further, you would need proper education for the same, and it would take both your money and time. However, once you get certified as a professional underwater welder, finding jobs would not be that tough. So, follow the steps listed here to be one.

Collect Some Cash

You would need some money to spend on your education as well as your certification. So, be ready for it and if you do not have enough money currently, make plans to arrange it a few months so that you can start the course as soon as possible. Even if you think you are educated enough, you would need some money to apply for the certificate, thousands of dollars in some cases. So, be prepared.

Get Certified as a Commercial Diver

As discussed earlier, you would need to have a certificate that states that you are a professional commercial diver. In case you think that your SCUBA diving certificate would be enough, you are wrong, because there is a difference between sports diving and safety diving when you are actually doing something commercial. The school in which you are applying would also make a difference, some schools would need you to pass a written examination along with the practical one, so be informed.

Know the Requirements

The school in which you would be applying might have certain course requirements. For example, if you have some type of disability, the school might put restrictions on your getting enrolled into the program. So, don’t pay the fees unless and until you are sure that you are completely eligible for the program.


Effective Local Small Business Marketing Strategies

Do you have a local small business that you want to make successful, but are not sure how to achieve this goal? There are some effective local small business marketing strategies that every business can use to help you get started on the path to success.

Just make sure that you use these strategies one at a time or you will find yourself overwhelmed. Below are the most effective ones you have to start using for your business.

1. Take your business online – This is one of the most effective strategies that you can use. You need to build a website or blog and get your business online.

This will allow you to reach thousands of people worldwide and will definitely help your business and income grow. Once you have the website online, you will need to start using internet marketing to help you spread the word about it.

This will take some time to do, so be sure you give yourself plenty of time. It is definitely needed though for anyone that wants to get their business presence online, which is going to be a huge benefit for any business these days.

Some of the different ways you will need to learn to effectively use to spread the word about your business include:

– Article marketing – Blogging – Social networking – Forum marketing – SEO or search engine optimization

These are just a handful of the methods you will use, but the key is to take action and find places to list your business and spread the word because this will definitely have a huge positive impact on your business.

2. Network – You can locate many free networking events, which is good because your potential customers will be there. Always have a business card handy for giving it out and when you speak to someone, learn what they do before you start talking about yourself and your business.

3. Create a business alliance – You can find other local business owners that may be willing to create a business alliance between the two of you. This way you will both benefit and you will also both get part of the profits.

4. Offer a referral fee – There are a variety of other local businesses that you can contact to let them know that you are offering a referral fee. They will appreciate this and it will benefit your business. Just be sure that you use businesses which are in your business niche.

With these effective local small business marketing strategies, you will definitely be able to make your business a success. You just have to do all you can to ensure it happens and using these strategies is a great big step in the right direction.